The Starting of a New Blog

OK, let me start this off with saying this title is a lie.  We actually have a 2937 square foot house on 2.6 acres but I fell in love with the idea of using a large 3 for both lines.  Other possible blog names included: Robin’s Nest (my names Robin), Our Retro Ranch, and Welcome to Our Enchanted House (has to do with our street name).  But I like the idea of having a short, sweet domain name that highlighted our favorite part about the property, the land. 


We closed on our first house one week ago and already time seems to be flying by.  I wanted to create this blog to record our progress as we renovate our new house.  We’ve never been home owners and we’re jumping in head first on a 1973 fixer upper.  This should be interesting…    


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This is the story of two twenty something newlyweds who are learning to adjust to life in their first house, a 1973 fixer-upper.
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