Us vs. The Moths, Round 1


Today we took our first steps to getting rid of the moths. They are really starting to get to me. The kitchen is gross and creepy with them here. I’m normally not such a puss about bugs but the idea of them crawling out of my cereal or flour completely creeps me out. At first it wasn’t so bad but then I did some research about them and read stories like this, this, and don’t forget this. You know it’s getting bad when as you miss one with the swatter you curse and grab the handle so tightly you bend it like this:


We first took diluted bleach to the whole pantry area and the nearby kitchen walls. Then we got rid of all the empty cocoons along the ceiling and all of the dead moths we had recently squished. As Flannel Man was up getting the many cocoons above the refrigerator he noticed that the cabinet above the refrigerator didn’t go all the way back to the wall so there were a bunch of moth cocoons and dirty back there. Then he realized that the cabinet wasn’t even fastened to the wall so we decided to take it out.


Next, we caulked all of the upper corners and gaps in the pantry. And by “we” I mean Flannel Man because he’s much smaller and can fit in tiny places like that better. He also caulked up the gap in the wood paneling that separated the pantry from the built in bookshelf in the living room. The moths were using that as an escape route.


We also put up a pheromone trap that I got at the local hardware store. We didn’t have much luck finding these traps at the big box places but our local store has a nice variety of pest control products. We used the Safer Pantry Pest trap with good success if you’re trying to get rid of moths too. We got about one a day. (Edit: After a week we had about 10 moths and didn’t get many more so I threw out the old one and put up a new fresh one. I think the moths were weary with all their dead buddies in there. One day I saw one sitting on the edge where it wasn’t sticky. He was a smart moth…until I smashed him with the fly swatter.)




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