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I’m A Cripple

And a very busy cripple at that. You see I’ve been on a computer vacation under the doctor’s orders. Yes, the doctor’s orders! I have had signs of carpel tunnel syndrome and tendentious in both wrists for years but with all the long hours I’m putting in for work and my blogging/internet addiction my hands are really acting up. Whereas I used to have numbness and tingling for an hour or two I now have it for days or weeks on end. Then the real pain kicks in when the tendons from my middle and pointer fingers shot pain all the way up my arm to my shoulder. Picking up a glass of water or grabbing the steering wheel driving home has now become difficult.

Carpel tunnel is not uncommon in my family. Both of my parents have had carpel tunnel surgery in one hand and plan to do the other in the future. Both of my sisters have also been diagnosed with carpel tunnel including my 14 year old sister. I guess weak wrists just runs in the family. Last fall I had my first EMG (electromyogram) test where they sent thousands of volts of electricity through my arm only to determine that my carpel tunnel wasn’t bad enough to have surgery. I had the pleasure of having a doctor who had never done the test before and the experienced nurse in the room had to keep reminding him that he should only have to send these painful shocks through my arm once instead of 6 times.

So in addition to taking anti-inflammatory steroids, I’ve done my best at staying off the computer the best I can. The problem with that is (1) I have a huge deadline I’m trying to meet for work and (2) I’m addicted to the internet. I’m working on an a whole building energy model for a 1.3 million sf hospital. It’s the largest energy model anyone in our company has ever done and this is my first energy model using this software. The model is so large it’s pushing the limits of the software and our computers. Last week I had a crash and lost two days worth of work! If I don’t get this model to work and have a 14% energy savings then the $750 million project can’t get LEED certified. Talk about pressure! And of course I have an impossible deadline to meet so I’ve been putting in overtime for 6 weeks now. Last week I put in over 60 hours which certainly doesn’t help my wrist problems. (I know this work babble probably didn’t make any sense but I was thinking of writing a post explaining energy modeling and LEED certification if you’re interested.)

Regarding # 2 yes, I know I’m pathetic but I have no social life. I’m on the internet at some point almost every night. That doctor’s order gave me a lump in my throat. But in my defense I come home to a big empty house every night what am I supposed to do for fun?

So I’m sorry I’ve been so absent.  Hopefully, I can get these wrist issues undercontrol so I can get back to blogging!



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