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2008 Acomplishments & 2009 Goals

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  Sorry life is busy.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

Considering that we bought our house in May I feel that we accomplished quite a bit in 2008.  We didn’t get everything done we had planned to do because we changed our priorities.  Instead of worrying about cosmetic things like painting we focused on winterizing our home for the harsh Wisconsin winter.  Here’s what we did in 2008:

All our hard work is paying off too.  We’re on track to use less than 1/2 of the energy the previous owner used last winter at 1/4 of the cost!  (More about that later.)

We’ve put together a master plan for DIY remodeling our entire house and well…it’s a 7 year plan.  Mainly because we’re paying for everything as we go and trying to avoid taking out a HELOC (but we may have to for the kitchen remodel but that is one of the last things we plan to do so we’ll have to see what we have saved up by then).  Our plan is to get the guts of the house repaired first and then go on to pretty cosmetic stuff later (besides paint that is).  So here’s our goals for 2009:

  • Install seamless gutters with Gutter Glove
  • Dig in underground drains for the downspouts
  • Paint and prime the entire house, this includes the ceilings because we have water stains in almost every room
  • Do some basic landscaping, define flower beds and start planting
  • Make a master landscaping plan for the future, from my last calculations we have nearly 20 flower beds/planting areas around the property
  • Create a yard for our dog Sophie?, clear out brush and install temporary fencing, we have to wait for spring to see if this is even possible there or if the ground is too marshy
  • Cut the second garage door back in
  • Install two new garage doors and openers
  • Figure out how to fix the draining issues in the garage
  • Install a new propane tank
  • Remove the old oil tank
  • Install a new top of the line furnace and condensing unit
  • Change the ductwork in the house to be multi-zone
  • Install and program new thermostats
  • Start building the walk-in gun safe
  • Interview architects we may want to work with

So what do you think?  Crazy?  Doable?


This is the story of two twenty something newlyweds who are learning to adjust to life in their first house, a 1973 fixer-upper.
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