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The Garage Doors Are In

We have a two car garage! No more walking across the yard in 3 feet of snow to get to shed/detached garage.

They were installed Monday:



Never mind the fugly awnings. They used to attach where the new door is so we need to figure out a way to hang them back up without putting holes in our expensive new trim.



They are so beautiful. The wood grain adds so much depth and texture where there was previously a white box.

Both Flannel Man and I think the new doors visually look bigger than the old white one. For now they don’t really go that great with the old gray siding but someday we’ll have tan rock and light olive siding so they’ll look even better then. Aw someday…but for now we’re enjoying our first renovation to make a big visual impact.

Stay tuned on a post about cutting in the second garage door.


We Finally Found Our Garage Doors!

You know you’re a remodeler when you get excited about garage doors. But after 3 months of searching and 2 months of waiting we almost have our doors!

Our number one requirement in a garage door was a high R value. Because our garage is actually part of our basement it is surrounded by space we heat and cool. Our dining room is one of the coldest rooms in our house in the winter and that is due to the fact that it’s directly over our garage. The garage also has two doors that lead to the interior and though they are sealed they still transfer a lot of air between the spaces. When we started looking into getting new garage doors we were surprised to realize that it is common to have little to no insulation in garage doors. While garages aren’t a conditioned space they can provide a nice buffer between your home and the outside so why wouldn’t you insulate them as much as possible? Granted we do live in an area that gets to be -10°F or lower in the winter so we take every step we can to insulate our house. Since the doors face south we also wanted them to have windows to provide light to the space so of course we wanted insulated windows also.

Our second requirement was looks. When you drive up to our house all you see is our garage door (soon to be doors) and our dining room windows. You can’t even see our front door. So having attractive and inviting garage doors was important to us. Originally, we were going to get a standard white door with some windows. Sounds nice enough right? But then I started looking online at house exteriors and I soon realized that I was drawn to houses that had a contrast between the garage door color and the exterior trim. Since we have and want to stay with white trim I wanted to spice things up and go with a dark garage door. But picking a color now for our garage doors when we don’t even have our future siding colors picked seemed like a color mishap waiting to happen. We do know that we both want dark wood front and possibly side doors so we thought it would be easiest to coordinate with that.

But real wood doors were not an option for us because our last requirement was that the doors were low maintenance. We didn’t want to have to stain a door every other year or try to prevent rotting and cracking so we needed a steel door. So the search was on for a well insulated, attractive steel garage door painted to look like wood that had windows…

After doing some searching I found the perfect door. There aren’t many companies that make steel doors that are painted to look like wood. I was so excited I called to get some quotes only to find out they don’t make the door in our size! Because our garage is on the same level with our basement it is much shorter than the standard garage of today. We need two single doors that are 9 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall and that short height isn’t very common anymore. So we got quotes from every other option that would fit our door. But no door met all of our requirements. We were bummed and decided to wait on buying garage doors for a while (this was back in April).

Then one day in June we got “the call” from one of the garage door installers we had gotten a quote from. In response to customer complaints (one of which was probably us) Clopay had decided to start manufacturing 6 ½ foot tall doors in their Gallery style! They were going to start manufacturing them in mid-July so we ordered two right away. Our new doors will be installed next Monday! Here are some pictures of Clopay’s Gallery collection:

Our door’s specs in case anyone is looking to get something similar:

  • Two 9’ x 6.5’doors
  • R-value = 17
  • Insulated glass windows
  • Dark Oak Ultra Grain paint
  • Short grooved panel design
  • Four plain square windows per door (no grilles)
  • Semi-carriage style appearance
  • Standard spade lift handles

I’ll update with before and after pictures as soon as they are in so stay tuned.

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