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Going Geothermal!

After weeks of getting quotes, tons of research, doing my own personal heating and cooling loads for our house, and checking with our tax adviser we’re signing a geothermal contract this week!!! As an HVAC engineer who specializes in energy efficient design and sustainability I’m so excited to apply my large scale commercial knowledge to my very own home. I could go on and on (and I probably will anyway) but here is the very basics:

  • We need a new furnace and condensing unit and though they might last us one more year we’d rather start saving money now
  • We really want to get rid of the huge oil tank in our basement and stop sucking on the teet of the couple fuel oil providers in our area (it’s very uncommon in our area)
  • We live in the country with no natural gas access
  • Previous home owner spent roughly $6,000 per year for heating and $600 for cooling
  • After re-insulating the attic, replacing a patio door that was rotted into an open position, installing plastic shrink wrap over every window, and keeping the temperature low last year we spent $2200 on heating and $225 on cooling
  • Projected cost for heating & cooling our house with geothermal is $1300 for heating and $51 for cooling
Vertical Loop System from

Vertical Loop System from


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