2010 Accomplishments & 2011 Goals: Big Plans Ahead

With 2010 nearing an end it’s time to look back and see what our goals for this year were:

    • Replace the water softener – Done
    • Replace kitchen faucet – Done
    • Seed lawn where the geothermal system was installed and the new dog yard – Change of plans with the dog yard but we did seed the main yard
    • Landscaping, focus on front & fence flower beds – We did a lot with the front flower beds but the fence flower bed didn’t happen
    • Replace garage window & re-drywall the walls – We need to wait on the garage window until we make a final decision on which windows we’re going to use for the rest of the house but the walls are re-drywalled
    • Install shelving in the garage – Done
    • Build the walk-in gun safe Done and done
    • Paint the living room, dining room, and kitchen – Everything but living room is done
    • Get the basement bathroom working and replace the shower surround – Toilet is now working and we’re in the process of getting the shower working, shower surround is now going to stay
    • Fix the garage floor drainage issues Done and done
    • Refinish the dining room table & chairs, make new table leaves – Not done
    • Reupholster dining room chairs – Not done
    • Determine final house design for the major renovations in 2011, draw house in CAD & sketchup – CAD design done and sketchup model started, but the design won’t ever be final until we get closer to the remodel

Of course we ended up doing a lot more than just that this year but those were our goals.

For the beginning of next year we plan to:

    • Build a potting bench for the garage with a sheet metal top
    • Build an island for a the reloading room
    • Add plants to the sparse front flower beds
    • Create flower beds with brick edging along the fence
    • Dig out the flower bed along the back of the house where the soil is too close to the siding
    • Replace rotten garage window
    • Get the basement shower working because it will be our only bathroom for a while…

Then in July we’ll start our biggest remodel to date! Our goals are to:

    • Remove chimney and both the basement and main floor fireplaces
    • Move wall between living room and the master bedroom (which the fireplace is on)

      o Remove living room window that is in the way
      o Expand master bedroom closet

    • Completely gut and expand both the main bathroom and master bathroom

      o Main bathroom goes from 45 sf to 70 sf
      o Master bathroom goes from 45 sf to 130 sf

    • Fix the uneven floor
    • Install 4 new master bedroom and bathroom windows
    • Soundproof the bedrooms as much as possible
    • Finish main bathroom but only rough in master bathroom (which we plan to finish the following year)
    • Install solid hardwood floors in all three bedrooms and hallway
    • Make new trim, possibly for the whole house?
    • Install new interior doors
    • Move wall between living room and dining room
    • Replace carpet in the living room and dining room

We want to go from this:

To this:

And when we’re done we’ll essential have half of our house finished! So what do you think? Are we crazy for doing this?


2 Responses to “2010 Accomplishments & 2011 Goals: Big Plans Ahead”

  1. 1 Sara @ Russet Street Reno December 31, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    You might be crazy, but you have to be to own a home, I think! At least I know I am 🙂

  2. 2 Isabella January 6, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Just wanted you to know that I responded to your sourcing question regarding the blue subway tile on my blog… there is a more affordable option than Urban Archaeology and it’s beautiful. I have used it for two different houses thus far! You can get the tile from Pratt and Larson and they have it in both crackle and non-crackle finishes – all hand-glazed. Gorgeous! Good luck with your backsplash!

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