Tile, Tile, & More Tile

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Today is my birthday so you are required to forgive me. I’m studying for an important professional test in early April so I don’t have a lot of time to for renovations or blogging right now. Plus I had a few business trips, a root canal, ear infection (followed by a very painful flight back from Denver), and a fever thrown in there for fun. But don’t worry Flannel Man has been working on some fun projects I’ll be sharing as soon as he’s done!

Even though I haven’t been actively planning the bathroom remodels lately but I had a bunch of tile samples come in all at the same time last week. So I’ve been spending my lunch breaks running around the tile stores and stone yards trying to finalize the final color choices. Then Flannel Man and I spent Saturday returning samples we didn’t want and I got his approval on accent tile choices.

WARNING: The color in these pictures are horrible but I only had the samples for a week and there wasn’t a single night I came home before the sun went down. Well that and I’m lazy.


Master Bathroom

As you might remember the idea board I posted before we’re going with warm soft neutrals in this bathroom. Think creams, caramels, and tans with a darker cherry colored cabinetry to ground the space. We decided against the marble I posted when I found out it was three times as much as the preliminary quotes we had gotten. Apparently I have very expensive taste in marble! Instead we’ve found some marble looking porcelain…I know fake marble again so sue me. Here is our front runner options:

Counterclockwise starting from the top.
Crossville Color Blox in Mud Pie; 3×18 & 3×24 linear pieces used in a pattern on the floor, 3×3 mosaic used on the shower floor
Crossville Color Blox in Sandbox; 18×18 tiles for the floor, 3×3 mosaic used on the tub surround
Caesarstone quartz in Oyster for the vanity countertops, 3cm
Walker Zanger Chelsea Art Glass Artisan mosaic tile in Crème Brule for sink backsplash, back wall of shower niche, and possibly tub backsplash
Caesarstone quartz in Blizzard for the shower bench, threshold, and bottom of niche, 2cm
Arizona Tile Sculptur 12×38 glossy wall tile for the shower walls

You’re probably wondering what the heck I mean about a tile pattern. Well Flannel Man loves patterns so when I showed him some wood and tile lattice floors he fell in love.

lattice floor

Instead of dealing with wood/tile joints we are trying to create the pattern with tile instead. Originally, we were thinking of using some tile made to look like hardwood but I quickly decided with a large pattern on the floor simpler texture and color was better. That’s where Crossville’s new Get Planked tiles come into play. They have long 3×24 pieces that will be the perfect proportion to the 18×18 center tiles. We’ll still need to cut down each piece to either 18 or 21 inches long but that’s much better than cutting down large format tiles to 3 inch widths ourselves!

I’m in love with the way the Walker Zanger accent tile brings all the colors together. Imagine it next to a cherry cabinetry and pulling our paint color from the tile. These tiles are all poured and cut by hand! The irregular shape I think would work well with the craftsman feel. Are they true craftsman style tiles? No way. But that period was all about hand crafted details and this tile is considered a fresh take on Tiffany style glass. It also comes in a linear shape called Rhythmn which would go well with the 12×38 shower tile (though that was going to be installed vertically and the short sink backsplash would look best horizontally) but looks less irregular than the Artisan style.

Other cheaper accent tile options were from Hirsch Glass Corporation and Marazzi Catwalk in Toffee Tennies (far right). Flannel Man was not digging the iridescent finish of the Hirsch tile and the Marazzi tile didn’t have enough different colors.

This one is an unspecified manufacturer but the label on the back said Greenwich Collection, Whitney Studio in Citrus Blend but it was priced higher than the cheapest Walker Zanger rate I could find.

Here is another Walker Zanger option, Vintage Glass in Tiffany Matte, but I think the color is a little off and I’ve never been a big fan of small square glass tile even though it’s everywhere!

The Arizona shower tile is very difficult to find around here because they don’t sell it in our area but I convinced a mom & pop tile store to special order it for me (with a hefty delivery price of course). Our next closest option is Marazzi’s Timeless Calacatta Pearl tiles. Putting everything together I think it has too dark of a pattern. What do you think? It also only comes in one finish which is a textured matte finish with the high points “polished” down. Not sure I’m a fan.

Then for the horizontal surfaces (bench, threshold, top of half wall, and bottom of shower niche) in the shower I wanted a solid colored quartz so there wouldn’t be any grout lines for water to sit on and penetrate. With our wall tile on the left and floor tile on the right from top to bottom:

HanStone Ruscello Collection in Teslin
Caesarstone in Blizzard
Silestone in White Zeus

Bringing in another color with the HanStone might be too much. Plus I was hoping the bench would just blend in with the wall color so it feels nice and open. The Caesarstone matches the best. I’m not sure about the slightly cool tone of the Silestone but if it’s a lot cheaper than the Caesarstone it could work.


Main Bathroom

Because we’re using the same tile in the floor and shower there wasn’t much more to pick for this bathroom. We still needed an accent tile and a vanity countertop. When I was visiting a local stone fabricator’s warehouse to look at quartz samples I saw this beautiful piece of granite that was light gray and white. Turns out someone had ordered it for their master double vanity but changed their mind and only used it for a single vanity. Either way there is a lot left over for our single vanity. And because this piece is a remnant we are getting a great price on it!
This isn’t the exact slab but a slab from the same block of Super White that was on the end.

The gray color goes perfectly with the tile…it looks than it really is in the photo below.

On the left is American Olean Catarina Coliseum White tile in matte.
On the right is Daltile Navelli in Carrera Star which has a slightly warmer undertone than American Olean.
In the center is Caesarstone in Nougat with Silestone in Mont Blanc below.

As of now we’re planning on using the American Olean tile with the Super White Granite in 3cm for the vanity top. We’d use American Olean 18×18 in matte for the floor and 12×12 in matte for the shower walls. Now all we needed was an accent tile for the sink backsplash and back wall of the shower niche. We wanted something that was glass and didn’t compete too much with the veining the other pieces. But plain clear glass tiles seemed too boring. We looked and looked for a glass tile that would work. There seems to be endless square mosaic options and clear glass options but not much else. I don’t know if it was because he was sick of looking at tile or if he really liked it but Flannel Man insisted on that this was the tile:

It’s Mirage Glass Tile Glacier Series in Raindrop. We’d use the 4×12 linear mosaic for the vanity backsplash and 12×12 sheets for the back wall of the shower niche. A light gray grout could really tie it in with the color scheme.

Other options included this long gray linear tiles by On The Wall. Every other gray tile we found was more of a greige (for those of you who don’t know that is gray and beige mixed together) but this was a nice cool color that matched the granite well.

This was our other option is Voguebay Glass Magic in Tropical Gray. Looking at their website it appears to be exactly the same as Mirage Glass repackaged and sold at a higher price! Their “Teardrop” line is the same as Mirage’s Raindrop; same sizes and everything. Either way we decided against this tile because it seems like it might compete with the granite. But I love the fun pattern!


So what do you guys think? Are we on the right track?


11 Responses to “Tile, Tile, & More Tile”

  1. 1 Laura March 4, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow 🙂

    I think the pattern floor tile looks so classy and will definitely give it the ‘wow’ factor.

  2. 2 kitliz @ DIYdiva March 7, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Okay, I’m jealous of how together you are with your tile! It all looks awesome though, I especially love the mosaic in the first picture. Cant wait to see all of this come together!

  3. 3 Carrie @ Hazardous Design March 12, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Thank you for stopping by and providing your spot on assessment to my own bathroom dilemma. So nice to “meet” you 🙂
    Looks like you are having the same fun we are with remodeling a bathroom. I LOVE the tile you’ve selected and think that incorporating a pattern is a great idea. Looking forward to following your progress.

  4. 4 Bathroom manufacturer March 16, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    This is the first time I comment on your site, but I’ve been keeping up with your work for a while now. I admire the passion with which you tell your stories and hope someday I can do the same. Love

  5. 5 Kim@NewlyWoodwards March 24, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one.

    Lovin’ the tile choices.

    And good luck on your test. I have a designation test next Wednesday and I told my husband not to let me on the computer tonight until I study. He’s not good with directions.

  6. 6 Melissa @ Veranda Interiors May 27, 2011 at 1:12 am

    I don’t have your e-mail address but I do have some info and more images of the VC light you are thinking about for your master. If you want, drop me a line at melissa@verandaestatehomes.com and I can send the info off to you. 🙂

  7. 7 Granitogres June 21, 2011 at 10:01 am

    The colors you choose a great style, bravo for that!

  8. 8 kit @ DIYdiva July 18, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    It’s been a while, so I have to know… have you started the demo? Has any of this tile gone in? Can’t wait to see it.

  9. 10 Sara @ Russet Street Reno July 28, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Happy Bday! I am a dunce when it comes to tile, but I think you are definitely on the right track!

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