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It’s Finally Here!

Our first anniversary is coming in a couple weeks and as our main present I ordered a canvas print of our favorite picture from our Fiji honeymoon. Originally it was supposed to be my present to Flannel Man but by the time we decided how much we wanted to spend I had already ordered the print. Whoops. We getting each other a smaller present besides this anyway.


The picture was one we’ve been meaning to get enlarged for over a year and is Flannel Man’s favorite picture from trip. Which is saying a lot considering in the two weeks we were there we took over 6,000 pictures! What can I say we both like taking pictures. After I painstakingly sorted the pictures from both of our cameras, renamed them by day, and deleted the blurry ones there was only 4,000 pictures left though. Our first attempt at underwater photography ended up in a lot of blurry shots.


The picture I had enlarged was of Matangi Island, a tiny horseshoe shaped island where our last and most luxurious resort was. The bay formed by the island is called Horseshoe Bay and is on the list of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Each day the resort staff drop off one couple with a picnic lunch so that they can have the beach to themselves all day. Fishing and any boats besides the staff’s are prohibited so there is an abundance of sea life in the bay.


The funny thing is these were actually two different pictures I photoshopped together. The brush on top of the cliff we hiked up to to get these shots was overgrown and limited our shots. We were disappointed because their brochures show these great photos we weren’t able to take. So after we got back I painstakingly combined a picture I took with my DSLR and one FM took with his point and shoot. Here are the SOOC (straight out of camera) pictures I combined:


See how those trees were in the way? Notice the difference in the colors too. The funny part is that we were taking the two pictures at the same time and I my picture on the left shows FM’s hand in the bottom corner. I wanted to take out his hand but FM really liked it there. So when you look at the combined picture the camera he’s holding in his hand is actually taking the right hand side of that same picture. Trippy ha?

Here’s how the actual print turned out:


I had it done in a gallery wrap style with the photo wrapping around the sides.


I love the texture the canvas gives it. But printed part it’s surprisingly stiffer than paintings I’ve done on canvas.


I had it blown up to a custom size of 30″ wide by 14″ tall. I didn’t want to make it too big to keep costs down and because I didn’t want it to overpower the space we put it in. It has extremely saturated colors whereas we typically like to decorate with a more muted palette. For now I want to put it over our bed.


It looks smaller over the bed than I had imagined. But our new four post bed frame is coming any day now and I think the chunky square posts will frame it up nicely. Overall, I love how it turned out but I expected it to have a thicker frame so that it would stand out more from the wall. I think it fits both of our personal styles well. FM likes traditional decor and I like a more modern decor. It’ s printed on a traditional canvas but has the modern gallery wrap.

Plus the printing company was able to put FM’s hand on the side like I had requested. That way his hand is still there but hidden on the side. I think it’s a good compromise.


I can’t wait to show FM! I think I’m just going to randomly hang it up the weekend of our anniversary and see how long it takes for him to notice. : )




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