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Try to Break in Now


Well, not really because there are plenty of windows near our doors so it wouldn’t be that hard. Today Papa Flannel (hmm I’m not sure if I like that name or not) came over and helped us install our housewarming present from the Flannels, deadbolts. Last weekend Menard’s was having a sale on doors and locks so we picked up some new door knobs and deadbolts. We were surprised by the fact that this house didn’t have any deadbolts. Someone could have broken in with a credit card.

The front door was very tricky to unlock and when you opened the door it would stay locked making it very easy to lock yourself out. Oh, and it was loose so it pulled away from the door a ¼.” The seller used to complain about how hard the front door shut and when we looked at it we found out why. There was only one stripped out screw in the top hinge. The door pulled away from the jam a good inch at the top. So we fixed that and installed new deadbolts and door knobs on all the exterior doors. Installing the deadbolts turned out to be harder than we’d thought since 3 of the 4 doors were metal and had a seam on the side of the door where the face plate sits. There was a lot of drilling and chiseling involved.

We also found out that the door to the shed/detached garage was actually a wood hollow core door! The previous owners built the shed not the original owners so that figures. Everything those owners did was cheap and poorly built. We’re going to have to replace that door sometime soon since it’s completely rotten on the bottom anyways.


Flannel Man also started to cut down the dead trees and the trees too close to the house today also. There were way too many small trees starting to grow right next to the house and there was a big pine tree in the backyard that looked like it had been dead for a long time. Of course as FM was playing with his new toy he gave himself a nice cut. Our first “injury.” Ok, ok it wasn’t that serious but it did bleed quite a bit.




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