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Memorial Day Weekend

Flannel Man and I didn’t work very much on the house over the long weekend and it was nice to take a break. Saturday we did some yard work and burned some more tent caterpillars. [Note to ourselves: Don’t burn things on the asphalt part of the driveway unless you want a soft, gooey mess when you’re done.]


As FM was mowing the yard he ran over a small stick and punctured a tire on the riding lawn mower resulting in a three foot wide patch of shaved dirt that raps around our patio. It took him about 25 feet to figure out what he’d done.

Then Saturday afternoon we went kayaking at the nearby Indian Lake. It’s a little known county park with hiking into the bluffs and fishing in the lake. It’s popular with the locals since it’s one of the few parks that you can bring your dog and the best part is it’s free.


There were sparrows flying all around us on the water and I was impressed that our little point and shoot camera was able to catch this picture:


Sunday we woke up bright and early to go shooting which was a problem for FM since he was only able to get one hour of sleep because of his second shift schedule. Sunday’s match is one of the longest matches that is still run in the US. Instead of the typical 80 shot match it is a 100 shot match. It may not sound like much but it adds a couple hours onto an already long day. For having not shot in four years I did pretty well. It was fun to be shooting together again. I saw a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in a while, it was just like old times. This was also the day we met R. Lee Ermey.

Here are a couple shots of FM at the 200 yard line:


Monday we shot the long range portion of the match and at the 800 yard line I was second overall. Not to shabby. FM had some issues with his new front sight so it was a rough day for him. Hopefully, he’ll get everything figured out before the big Midwest Palma Match coming up.

Since the match on Monday was only a short match afterwards we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It wasn’t near as good as the first three movies and finished with a cheesy happily ever after ending. Then we went and got the lawn mower tire fixed while we shopped for a weed whacker. FM couldn’t wait to have one so he could trim up all the areas he couldn’t mow. Hey, whatever makes him want to trim the grass is fine with me.




Kayaking In Our Back Yard


This past weekend we also got our kayaks from Flannel Man’s parent’s house and gave them a new home in the shed (aka. the detached garage). FM made some nifty kayak racks out of bent electrical conduit and pipe insulation. Now we just need to buy some brackets of some sort to hold our paddles.


We also took the kayaks out for the first time this year out on our pond. FM has been dying to go kayaking in the ponds before they separate into two ponds again. Mama Flannel and Brother Flannel (I just made that up) stopped by and took a few pictures of us for our We’ve Moved cards. I thought it would be more interesting than just a picture of the front of our house. They turned out pretty cool:


The ponds were a lot murkier than I thought they would be. I thought you might actually be able to see something in the center but no it was just black. In the areas that the pond has flooded too you could still see the tall grasses just below the water. Paddling under the willow tree and through the cattails was fun. When we went around to the smaller pond we found a deer stand in a tree that looked like it was on our property. It happened to be very close to the place I saw the deer last week.

We’ll have to do it again sometime but when we’re wearing kayaking clothes not jeans that could soak up gallons of murky water. We were hoping to be able to go kayaking out on a nearby lake this weekend but it was too cold. Oh, well maybe next weekend.



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