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Sophie in the Snow

Well the big snow storm came and went. We got 20″ of snow mixed with up to 40 mph winds which lead to some huge drifts. On my way home from work yesterday I had to drive through some snow drifts as tall as my car. Luckily, our house is more sheltered in the woods so our drifting wasn’t that bad. Our dog, Sophie, wasn’t too happy about the snow when I took her out today.

IMG_1563 copy

One of her bathroom spots:
IMG_1566 copy

IMG_1574 copy

IMG_1585 copy

IMG_1588 copy

IMG_1599 copy

IMG_1608 copy
(On our driveway.)

IMG_1625 copy



With the dog safely inside Flannel Man and I worked on digging ourselves out. The ATV got stuck. A lot.
IMG_1627 copy

Meanwhile I dug out the mailbox…
IMG_1629 copy

shoveled the front stairs…
IMG_1630 copy

and the back sidewalk.
IMG_1632 copy

In deep snow like this remember to shovel out more than one exit in your house in case of an emergency. A family from my home town had a fire start in their house (lots of fireplaces used this time of year) and their young daughter almost got stuck in their house because she couldn’t get out the back door. And make sure to shovel out any gas vents around your house too.

Eventually we figured out the ATV got stuck less if I was sitting on the back. After two hours the pile of snow Flannel Man has been building was over 8′ tall and 30′ long. I hope we don’t get too much more snow because we don’t have anywhere else to put it!
IMG_1634 copy


Snow Day!

With 16″ of snow in a 24 hour period and 30 mph winds Flannel Man & I stayed home today. Our area had a blizzard warning for today. A blizzard warning?! I didn’t know they even had those! Here’s what I woke up to:

Knowing a bad storm was coming I brought some work home with me but I was still able to enjoy some time outside with Sophie. She normally doesn’t like snow but seemed to have a great time in her new fenced yard hoping around like a bunny. And for the first time ever on this blog videos:



Because it was snowing so hard I was afraid to bring out my DSLR but I still got some fun action shots with our point and shoot:


Winter seems to have come overnight!

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